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Thank goodness I found Sean and Canine Country. I moved from So. Cal. and six beautiful acres with my Border Collie, Oso. Needless to say it was quite an adjustment for both of us. She became very protective of me, her sidewalk, the dog park and just the air we walked through and she lunged and barked at almost everyone.

Sean taught ME that this was “always” unacceptable and Oso finally believed me. Sean worked with us, in person and on the phone (when I was weak) and quickly she began to trust that I was o.k. and she could relax.

Everyone who met her then and sees her now notices how relaxed she has become. I had actually considered moving out of the downtown environment for her sake but now we can continue our adventure together.

Oso has boarded with Sean several times for up to a week and I notice that when I drive down his driveway she gets so excited to see him her whole body smiles. Now I have the peace of mind to travel without her, and I know she is happy.

Judi October 17, 2014