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Shawn Riley came to my family’s rescue when our family dog, Fasa, bit my 9-year old son severly enough to require medical attention. My vet had already given me Shawn’s contact information. I called Shawn thinking that if he couldn’t help me, I would have to put the dog down. I delivered the dog to Shawn the next morning. Shawn kept Fasa and worked with him until we could schedule our first training session.

I learned right away that Shawn’s philosophy is that it is usually the human that is more at fault than the dog. That certainly proved true in our case.

I provided Shawn with a long list of Fasa’s misbehaviors – it was almost embarrassing to compile. I realized in doing so that the dog had me quite well trained. At just over 2 1/2 years of age, he was still getting me up in the middle of the night to relieve himself, at his bark he was fed, watered, let out, let in, or whatever I could do for him to quiet him down. He had shown his teeth to all members of my family.

I knew I should be the “pack leader”, but I had no idea how to accomplish it. After one training session with Shawn, we came home and Fasa’s life changed. He now has rules that he is absolutely required to follow. He no longer has freedom to roam in the house or in the yard. The most amazing thing to me is how so many of his misbehaviors have disappeared just by having “house” rules – no counter surfing, dumpster diving, destroying the kids rooms in search of food – no hopping up all evening long to let him out or let him in. He no longer acts like he is going to attack the gas station attendant when I’m getting gas!

We are still working on the barking when he is outside – but even that has improved. I’ve realized that I cannot trust Fasa around kids – and my kids and their friends can’t play with him unsupervised by me – that is just a fact of life with this dog. That is not what I would choose for him, but that is what is necessary due to his nature.

I LOVE what Shawn has helped me achieve with my dog. We are not complete – there is still more work to be done. But life is so much better. I have confidence that I can keep Fasa in our family and he can be a good pet.

I absolutely recommend Shawn. He is helping us achieve the life with our dog that I always imagined.

We are looking forward to the next session with Shawn.

Debby October 17, 2014