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My wife and I brought home an adorable 8 week old border collie in May and he was the most adorable puppy for 4 days. On the fifth day, the herding instinct kicked in heavily and we had a little monster on our hands. We expected a little of this considering the breed, but was not ready for all the arm and leg biting along with the puppy trying to tear our clothes off our bodies.

We all know that when dogs act up, its mostly the owners fault, so we decided to enroll him in a pupply training course as soon as we could. We also felt we needed as much or more training than our puppy.

We took him to the course for two sessions and I’ve never seen that many treats poured down a dogs throat in one hour. When he would bite, they wanted us to spray him with a water bottle or shake a can full of coins to startle him. Those methods worked one day…and only one day. Even though he was allowed to socialize a bit with other dogs, we felt our puppy was regressing. We pulled him out right away and called Shawn.

I spoke with Shawn over the phone for an hour and even though his philosophy was different than the other training we have experienced, everything he said made sense 100%. Our vet also highly recommended Shawn.

The next morning we took our puppy to Shawn and the training started the minute we rolled up until the minute we left (2.5 hours later).

After the first hour, Shawn had our dog sitting peacefully on a blanket without biting, barking, whining, digging or any other negative behavior. What my wife and I truly enjoyed was Shawn got us involved right away. We were able to learn how to constructively correct our dog to stop his agressive behavior and to learn his boundries.

Now, don’t get me wrong, its now been 1.5 weeks and we are still dealing with an agressive puppy, but the training is definitely helping the dog and Shawn has helped us be more competent in the training process. Everyday we spend lots of time correcting our dogs behavior, but those periods of time are getting a little shorter and easier to manage.

Dan October 17, 2014